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"The kites that rise highest are those that sail against the wind, rather

than those that sail with it." 

                                                                                                                                         Winston Churchill




CBG's Core Mission:
Custom Benefits Group ( CBG ) has a simple Mission Statement, to offer our clients: 

The Most Comprehensive Group Heath Plan Designs for the Lowest Possible Premiums." 


    Custom Benefits Group ( CBG ) is one of the few remaining "Independent" Employee Benefits Brokerage Agencies in the greater Boston area. Historically, the Employee Benefits Brokerage market had been highly fragmented and an exceptionally competitive industry. As a result, growth was primarily fueled by the consolidation of these smaller fragmented Agencies by larger firms. Once a part of a larger entity, there is the inevitable dilution of services and attention as the acquired firm institutionalizes these acquisitions to maintain their tighter corporate margins. 

   Unlike the larger Agencies, an "Independent" Agency like CBG answers to no one, unlike these consolidated Agencies. We do NOT direct business to "Preferred Providers" nor do we have any incentive or preferred "Selling Agreements" with any specific providers. At CBG, we believe that a broker's allegiance should be to their client and the free-market, NOT to any internal or "preferred providers". 

    CBG also uses its own proprietary algorithm that helps us deliver the most competitive rates to our clients. This is particularly important during the renewal process because our algo. identifies pricing and plan design anomalies from the competition - this is critical as the incumbent Insurance Provider will NOT reduce the original renewal rates unless faced with competitive data. Few brokers take the time to ensure that the competition lines up exactly with the incumbent's plan design. Failure to perform this task may make the competition appear less competitive and the incumbent less inclined to reduce their renewal rates.



                                                                    About Us:

    Custom Benefits Group ( CBG ) was founded in Boston, MA. 1998. Our clients are intelligent business owners and HR administrators that have embraced CBG's unique niche in the EB marketplace. We seek firms that truly understand our value and appreciate a unique partnership that recognizes a committed and unified relationship in our unified endeavor. The statistic that we are most proud of is our overall retention rate of existing clients ( 98.2% Persistency ). While CBG has been recognized by the Boston Business Journal " as the fastest growing Employee Benefits Brokerage Firms in New England"; growth is a meaningless statistic if it comes at the expense of retaining your existing book of business.

  Custom Benefits Group ( CBG ) is a full service EB Agency offering a comprehensive menu of FREE Administrative Services ( FSA Plans, COBRA Admin. etc. ) as well as one of the finest Compliance Departments in the business. We strive to be the one-stop shopping answer that our clients desire and to be their "Total Benefit Solution".


                                                 The Affordable Care Act ( ACA )

    CBG's ability to provide our clients with free compliance consultancy is really what seperates us from other Agencies. Our staff includes a full-time ERISA attorney as well as a a Certified Professional Complaince Officer ( CPCO ) and they have the exciting job of interpreting what many have already deemed "the most complex law of the modern age", or the Protection Affordable Care Act ( PPACA ) of 2015. 

Due to the pure complexity of the PPACA - interpretation and proper execution of its many new employee tracking and reporting requirements cannot be done without the assistance of a capable third party.  Failure to understand your firm's PPACA risk can result in significant, but easily avoidable employer liability. CBG can easily examine a new client's compliance documents or simply create a full menu of compliance forms which we will both file and hold for each of our client's, updating automatically as new amendmets are issued.


        Recently both the Boston Business Journal as well as The EBJ ( Employee Benefits Journal ) recognized our growth with featured stories about our firm. CBG's overall retention rate of 93.6% is significantly higher than industry standards. Referral business now accounts for most of our new business at CBG and I attribute much of our success our unique "ownership" model as well as our truely independent Agency model. CBG will broker buisness for a wide range of employer groups: from small employer groups with as few as 10 lives, to publicly traded Fortune 500 corporations. Recently CBG was recognized by the Boston Business Journal in their annual Top Twenty Employee Benefits Brokerage Firms:
                    " as one of the fastest growing employee benefits brokerage firm in New England"  

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CBG was selected by Angies List in 2017 as a Super Service Award recipient. This was an entirely new and unsolicited accolade for the Agency. When I read the parameters for which a firm is chosen; I am quite pleased that CBG scored high in an interesting catagory that pits the pre-sale personality versus the post sale service performance. As healthcare is quickly becoming a Consumer-Direct business, you will need someone to advise and assist you now more than any other time in the history of healthcare.

         "receives the highest level of endorsement offered to Service Companies affiliated wih Angie's List"


Insurance Journal ( March, 2017 ) Ranks CBG in their Top Ten Employee Benefits Brokerage Firms in New England. A ranking that validates CBG's goal to be a  "Total Benefits Solution" in the employee benefits brokerage market by ranking CBG Number 3  in New England for their "comprehensive, consultative, and compliance oriented formula that






                                   "Your Total Benefits Solution"

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