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"Your Total Benefit Solutions©"

In addition to the Administrative Services offered by CBG, we have included complete compliance certification as part of CBG's Total Benefits Solution©

CBG Comprehensive Compliance Review

CBG also offers a many unique services to our clients as well. While many of our peers continue to agonize about the pace of change in our industry; CBG recognized early on that the traditional brokerage paradigm was obselete and that we needed to evolve into consultants and compliance partners to our clients. There were many new responsibilities foisted upon these firms and we assumed responsibility for many of these new regulations.

     Perhaps the largest concern for our clients were the many new State and Federal compliance rules. In a concerted effort to allay their concerns and in some cases 'full-on paranoia' regarding these changes; we introduced, Comprehensive Compliance Review ( CCR ) to all of our clients.

     CBG brought in their own Certified Professional Compliance Officer ( CPCO ) to work with our ERISA attorney and they became responsible for CCR. They were charged with seeing that all of our groups met and meet all State and Federal compliance laws, rules, and filings. Rather than joining the communal hand-wringing that change is so often met; our corporate philosophy is to respond and resolve. It is why our clients see us as their
"Total Benefits Solution".

The following Value Added Services, follow the Haye Group Compliance Guide for Massachusetts:

1. Restated Plan Document with new Health Care Reform language.

2. Restated Wrap Document with new Health Care Reform language.

3. Restated Wrap Section 125 Plan.

4. Form 5500 Filing.

5. Summary Annual Report.

6. Summary of 'Material Modifications'.

7. HIPAA - Annual Reminder of Privacy Notice Availability.

8. HIPAA - Notice of Enrollment, Pre-Existing Conditions.

9. Women's Health & Cancer Rights Act of 1998 ( WHCRA ).

10. Medicare Part D Credible Notification.

11. Imputed Income Form ( All Employees covered by a Divorce Decree ).

12. Imputed Income on Life and AD&D Insurance and W-2 Preparation.




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