Benefits Proposal

Please find the Benefits Proposal that CBG sends out to ALL of our clients when we roll out a plan for our clients. This Benefits Proposal has been recognized by EB Benefits Quarterly© ( 6/21/18 ) "as being the most comprehensive, compliant, and useful tool that we have seen for employees to review a companies Employee Benefits programs." 

It offers our staff “one stop shopping to all of the information regarding our benefit programs. It is all done for free by CBG. The other advantage is it includes all of the Affordable Care Act and ERISA compliance information for all participants in an easy to understand and readable format."


"We started with six employees and have grown to close to 500 employees. CBG has been the best partner for us in every phase of our company's growth."

            - Eva Patronne, Managing Director - Avicia Solutions, Inc.

CBG Client Poll Project 2017:   ( 200 clients ):

Why did you select CBG?

We had 176 respondents and 162 stated that CBG offered considerably more benefit services and worked harder to earn their business than their previous broker.

Overwhelmingly, 94% of our groups stated that CBG provided more value-added services and worked harder for their business.

See our 'Case Study 1' under "Case Studies" tab to see how we earned Trak Industries, Corp. as a new CBG client.

* CBG Client Profile Conducted by Digitas Consulting Group    

   "CBG Inforce Client Analysis Project" ( Ref. 88891261-1 )

We retain 98.2% of our clients:

"The employee benefits brokerage market has become desperately competitive. There are simply too many brokers chasing too few leads. It is Darwinian: only the very best of the best will survive."

-  Employee Benefits Review 2015

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