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Congress Updates ESR:ESR Update February 10, 2014.pdf
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CBG Has Solution to ACA Participation Problem: December, 2013 DC Rotunda:DC_KNOWS_HOW_____.doc
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Healthcare's Sudden Solilitude: The Imploding Healthcare Empire written my CBG CEO wins Business Insider Award
for provocative healthcare "market sector time bombs" he sees in the next few years: 12/5/13

CBG Presents in D.C.:             March, 2012

CBG recognized by THASC:      January, 2012:  

EMF Selects CBG:                   September 15,2011:

August 3, 2011:                     CBG quoted in EB Review

August 2, 2011:                     CBG Recognized by US Commerce "Best EB Brokerage"

June, 24, 2011:                     CBG Recognized by Boston Business Journal

June 22, 2011:                      CBG Introduces "Total Benefit Solution"

June  21, 2011:                     CBG CEO receives athletic recognition... 

May 19, 2011:                       CBG CEO Michael McCullom Speaks at National.....

July 12, 2017:                        CBG Receives HR Resource Magazine recognitionCBG 2017 Marketing.pdf
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